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Streamlined Sales Commission Calculation and Reporting System

Situation Complex Sales Commission Spreadsheets Challenging to Calculate

The client was using multiple spreadsheets to calculate their monthly sales commissions. When they were smaller this was not a challenge, but since they had grown, their commission structure had become more complex and they were straining to complete the calculations each month.

Solution Simplified Calculation Methods Using Flexible Scripts

Blackland suggested a database method of calculating the commission to offer flexible commission structures without adding to their workload. This would also be a much simpler method than maintaining a spreadsheet for each employee and it would be much faster. Blackland designed the data structure, built the database and wrote the commission calculation scripts. We designed the Excel reports and populated them using Perl scripts and stored procedures.

Result Automated Commission Calculation Saving Valuable Time

The new process and database saved 2 1/2 days of the Controller’s time and the reports were enhanced. We assisted with training the users and provided supporting documentation. The effort took about 3 weeks.
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