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Automated Hedge Fund Performance Report

Situation Manual input of data to multiple systems, no automated reporting function

A Hedge Fund needed to monitor the performance of their investments, but they employed a variety of software packages and spreadsheets. They found themselves inputting the same information multiple times. They needed a way to input the information only once, have it feed the other systems and generate consolidated reports with the click of a button.

Solution Integrated database across multiple systems, new efficient interface, new reports

Blackland took an inventory of all the data elements and then came up with a database design. We identified what processes need to be created to populate the other software packages so that the client would only have to input the data once. After reviewing the plan, we built the database in SQL and the web interface using ASP.Net. We finally automated reports in Excel, trained the users and provided supporting documentation.

Result Streamlined workflow, more secure data tracking

The result of this project was that the Client had a single data repository where they could input all the information they wanted to track. This reduced the inconsistencies between their various software packages and created a more secure database. Creating this system ultimately ensured that if key individuals left the organization, the business systems remained intact. The effort took approximately 3 weeks.
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