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Blackland’s Simple Billing is a system created for people who bill by the hour and need a simple, clear way to track their time, create bills and track payments. The system is an online database that is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, but just in case, customer support is there to train and help users. Freelancers spend less time managing their business and more time doing business.

Getting Started Freelancers start by signing into the database and setting up their profile. This is an important step because it includes information that will be used on the invoice such as the Header and Address. Next they add basic contact information about their clients and projects. Once this step is complete, they can start tracking time through their calendar.

Billing Throughout the Month, the Freelancer makes sure that the calendar accurately reflects the Clients and Projects that they have worked on. When they are ready to create a bill they can generate them for one Project, one Client or everyone. The invoices are created in PDF and the Freelancer can print mail them out to their customers.

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